The California Data Use and Reciprocal Support Agreement (CalDURSA) is a multi-party data sharing agreement which allows all parties who have signed it to interoperate using recognized standards. It is an important aspect of the California governance of inter-HIO data exchange over the CTEN, and is maintained and administered by the California Interoperability Committee (CIC), a committee of the CTEN participants.

CalDURSA version 1.0.2

Model Modular Participants Agreement (MMPA)

The Model Modular Participants Agreement (MMPA) is a model agreement between HIOs and their exchange participants used by several California HIOs, including several CAHIE members. If you are interested in adopting or developing a participant agreement that is compatible with the CalDURSA, consider starting with the MMPA.

MMPA v2.2.1
MMPA v2.2.1 Addendum