Following a successful demonstration of Directory Services at HIMSS15, the Learning Health Community invited CAHIE to become an active participant.  The CAHIE Board of Directors recently voted unanimously to endorse the Learning Health System Core Values and is now listed among the other endorsers on the website.

The Learning Health Community is a collaboration of multiple and diverse stakeholders working on a national-scale, person-centered, continuous and rapid learning health system.  As a multi-stakeholder organization, CAHIE understands the importance of working collaboratively in order to achieve a shared vision.  We enthusiastically support the concept of a national-scale LHS, and  believe that the Core Values are foundational to a successful process to advance the nation toward an LHS in pursuit of better health for all.  We look forward to participating in the activities and meetings of the Community.

Read our endorsement letter to LHC.

To learn more about the LHC and read the Core Values, visit their website.