Who We Are

CAHIE is an association of individuals and organizations focused on securely sharing health information in pursuit of the triple aim: better health and better care at a lower cost.  Our mission is to facilitate and promote the secure exchange of information throughout California to improve the quality, safety and affordability of health services. About Us

What We Do

CAHIE is creating a simple framework for sharing information among organizations through voluntary self-governance.  Our members share experiences to accelerate adoption and sustainability of HIE by exploring best practices and new technologies that make data sharing more efficient and effective. Initiatives

Eliminating the White Space

Unlike other states that established a single HIE organization, or even a public-private network of HIE organizations, California relied on regional initiatives to advance exchange efforts. Although this approach made the most sense given the diversity and size of the state, it has left large portions of the geography disconnected.

CAHIE was formed to help eliminate the HIE "white space" in California - those areas with little or no electronic exchange capabilities.  In just a few years, our Members have made great strides in ensuring patient information is available when and where it is needed for care.

HIE in California